4 Big Ideas for Living Your Best Life as a Working Woman

What does living your best life mean to you? Is it how great your job is?  Is it how busy your social life is?  Or is it how happy your family is? For the majority of working women who juggle multiple responsibilities every day, living your best life is a bit of all three, but if you struggle to find a balance between your work and your personal life, you aren’t alone.

Maybe you feel like you are living your best life at work, but missing out elsewhere. Or perhaps you are a working mum, focusing on balancing those two aspects of your life and missing out on time for yourself. Whatever you are struggling with, here are four big ideas to help you live your best life and find the balance you are looking for:

Take care of yourself first

Whatever it means to you, living your best life is never about being a worn-out mess! So the first step to achieving a life you love is to make sure you are taking care of yourself. That means making sure that you are getting the nutrition, sleep and hydration you need every day to function at your best.

Not only does being in good physical and mental health improve your mood, but it will also make you more productive in all areas of your life.

Set your Goals and Intentions

It’s tricky to work out if you are living your best life if you are not actually sure what that means for you. Take some time and work out what makes you happy, and what the best version of you really looks like. Once you have this in mind, live each day with intention of achieving that version. Not only will this help you to live your best life, but it can also help to prevent you from becoming overwhelmed as you only focus on what really matters to you.

Manage your Time Carefully

Plan your time carefully every day. Whatever you want to achieve should be a part of your schedule.  If you know what you want and need to achieve each day, it also makes it easier for you to set boundaries around your time and ensure no one area of your life takes over the rest.

Socialise, Collaborate and Build a Community

No person is an island. Humans are social creatures and you will struggle to live your best life if you spend it alone and holed up away from the world. When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, it is important that you have people whom you can reach out to. If there is an area of your life that is swamping your to-do list every day, get help – there is no shame in asking for support.

It’s also important to find time to socialise and spend time with friends, family, and the people that you care about so that you can grow and feel your way into your best life.

To learn more about strategies for living your best life, I’m confident you’ll enjoy reading my book  ‘Live Your Best Life: Guided Self Care Journal’.

I’d love to help you improve every area of your health and wellbeing! If this appeals to you, please contact me here.

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