Eight Fun Ways to Get Your Family Moving During the Holidays

Eight Fun Ways to Get Your Family Moving During the Holidays


To enjoy the holidays, it’s important to figure out more ways to do things together as a family that doesn’t just involve eating. You also want to get everyone moving around and spending time together. Finding fun activities that make you move during the holidays is a fabulous way to encourage everyone to maintain their health even while indulging slightly.


The following are 8 fun activities to get your family moving more during the holidays:


  • Start a Scavenger Hunt – This is lots of fun for little kids and even older kids. Remember to consider where you live and your weather. You can choose many themes, from searching for lights to an indoor elf hunt. It’s up to you just be creative and think about ways to get people up off the couch.
  • Visit a Park or Local Museum – Many localities offer deals to locals during the holidays, so don’t discount going to a local park or museum even on the big day. It’s a great break from time inside and gets you up and moving around.
  • Volunteer at Your Local Soup Kitchen – The holidays are all about family, and realising that not all families can afford a special meal or a gift is humbling. If you are one of the lucky ones, consider using some of your time to help in your community.
  • Create Fun and Healthy Rewards – If you have a lot of kids around during the holidays, set up a fun chart that allows everyone to earn rewards for doing physical activities, from sweeping to jogging around the house. Make it fun and movement-oriented.
  • Develop Short Ten-Minute Challenges – If cabin fever is setting in during your holiday, set up some short ten-minute challenges that get everyone moving. For example, you can put activities on a piece of paper, put them in a jar, and let everyone choose. You can make them useful, like cleaning the toilet, but you can also make them fun by having a plank contest or a dance-off.
  • Get Outside – Even in the winter, there are things to do outside. Find a fun outdoor activity that you will all enjoy and make sure it happens. Getting outside every time of year is good for your heart and mood.
  • Try Winter Sports – If you’ve never tried any of your local winter sports, now is the time. Go to an ice hockey match or go ice skating yourself. Do something fun and wintery that will help everyone remember the event forever.
  • Decorate or Clean Up Together – There will be setup and tear-down times throughout the holidays, which isn’t all for momma to do. Help and ask for help when you need it. Keeping your environment special and clean together will make the holidays all that much more enjoyable.


Factors may vary in your particular situation on what you can do together. But finding ways to stay moving instead of laying around is a great way to ensure everyone’s health during the holidays.

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