Five Ways to Indulge this Holiday Season Without Sacrificing Your Health

Five Ways to Indulge this Holiday Season Without Sacrificing Your Health


Did you know you can still eat your favourite foods without sacrificing your health during the holidays? The key is moderation and creating a proper plan that allows you to be more mindful of your choices and habits regarding foods and activities during the holidays. This means you don’t need to completely restrict yourself or approach the holidays with an “all-or-nothing” mindset. In fact, that can easily set you up for failure.

You can still indulge. Here are 5 things to do this holiday season without sacrificing your health and gaining weight:


Watch Your Portion Sizes

Instead of avoiding certain foods altogether, limit the portion size or calories you plan to consume. This way, you can still enjoy your favourite treats without increasing your pant size. This can be done by grabbing smaller plates, using smaller utensils to serve food, or grabbing enough food where nothing mixes or touches each other.


Don’t Have Seconds

Most of the time, seconds are done due to cravings or temptations, not from necessity. Meaning your first portion of food is likely enough to stop your hunger and use up your calories for the day or meal.


Only Choose Your Favourites

You don’t need to enjoy every single thing to indulge or enjoy the holidays. Limit yourself to only enjoying your favourites. If you don’t absolutely love it, then save the calories or hunger for other foods.


Cook Your Own Food

Volunteer to cook or bring healthy holiday treats and classic dishes. There are many ways to eat healthy during the holidays without missing out on your favourite dishes. For example, opting for fresh green beans and baked potatoes instead of turning them into casseroles. A small serving of butter instead of cream can still make it taste just as decadent without the added calories & fats.


Pace Yourself and Savour Each Bite

Slow down when you chew your food. Take time to savor each bite and recognize the flavors, mouthfeel, and different emotions your body goes through. Don’t eat another bite until you chew at least ten times and swallow it. To take it even further, appreciate the experience and share your thoughts with others or yourself before you continue to eat it. Further extending your eating time which is important for hunger cues. Your brain will take up to twenty minutes to catch up to your stomach. Thus, making it easier to overeat.

Use these tips to enjoy your holiday foods without sacrificing your health or gaining weight. All it takes is a little preparation, mindfulness, and control to stay healthy during the holidays while still enjoying the foods you love.

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