FREE GLOBAL VIRTUAL SUMMIT: Living your Intentions- In Joy and Abundance.

Living Your Intentions – In Joy & Abundance_ Global Virtual Summit

There is a saying which has been around since time immemorial, which says: “We do ​NOT​ see the World as it is. We see the World as ​we are​.” This is about our mindset.

I have come to understand that saying at a much deeper level, since 2015 when I first became a student of John Assaraf – of the NeuroGym fame – through whom I have learnt the power of mindset. What sets John Assaraf apart from the other top world leading coaches is the simple yet powerful way he uses neuroscience to influence our understanding of how the brain works and that we are in charge of our mindset.

Why am I going on about mindset, you may well be wondering? Simple – mindset is the most important aspect of achieving any change – changing your life, losing weight, improving your relationships, finding a job (one you like even!), making money – becoming a millionaire etc.

Everything starts with your mindset.  We manifest our thoughts – what you give the most energy, time & headspace to, this is what you ultimately attract in your life.

Most of us find it easy to set goals, same as when we make New Year’s Resolutions, it is easy to come up with the resolution – however, 98% of individuals fail to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions. This is because people do not start with what is important, which is understanding your WHY and linking this with your life purpose.

I remember the many years I spent saying to myself: this year I resolve to lose weight – followed by diet after diet, when I would release a few pounds, but then gain even more once I stopped each diet. I repeated this soul-destroying cycle for several decades.

It is only after I undertook intensive training on understanding my mindset and my WHY, indeed my life purpose – that finally in 2016 in less than 4 months AND without dieting but in fact eating the most healthily that I have done as an adult – I lost 90 lbs – almost 6.5 stones, yaay!

Interestingly, because I transformed my life in 2016 at the core of the transformation is the daily routine which I adopted going forward; this has resulted in my keeping the weight off since then and with equal ease. My WHY for losing weight is to enhance my wellbeing, because when I was fat my mobility was so severely impaired due to advanced Osteo-arthritis – in fact I was registered disabled. Now, I power walk/jog on average 5 miles every day – even during blizzard

UK, I have continued with my exercise daily routine – I have been out in our snowed under London park. This renewed lease of life, is enabling me to work towards achieving my life purpose – which is to install irrigation in the village of my parents in the African bush in Zimbabwe. I want other girls born in that village to focus on education instead of having to walk 2+miles before dawn every morning in the dark to go & fetch water from the river or dam, after that walk a good 1 mile to school. Then repeat the process again every evening, just like I did for 12 long unhappy years.

This is my WHY – my life purpose – how can I possibly compromise my health & wellbeing by getting fat again, when I know that I am capable to generating the wealth necessary to make every one of the 500 village inhabitants have an easier & happier life, especially girls?!

I now enjoy a life of joy and abundance, because I connected with both my WHY and Life Purpose. I am being of service to others who want to connect with their WHY or their life purpose or both.

Enjoying a life filled with joy and abundance, starts with us doing the mindset work – to be in control of our thoughts. This enables us to gain clarity about our WHY & our life purpose. To achieve our goals, it is vital that we learn how to turn our intentions into milestones as part of our daily routines.

This is what the Living Your Intentions – In Joy and Abundance: Global Virtual Summit is all about. A life of joy & abundance means different things to different individuals, BUT every participant is sure to find at least one nugget from the tips shared by our awesome line up of world class experts on how they have or are achieving joy, happiness and abundance in their lives.

Even the most difficult change is possible, when you understand how the brain works.

Therefore, if you are serious about changing your life for the better, ​ACTUALLY achieving your​ ​goals this time​ – then look no further – Enjoy the summit!

I look forward to seeing you on the summit and beyond once you subscribe to work with me!

Keep your eye on our website and social media accounts for more updates on how you can sign up to view the Summit!

Light, Joy & Blessings,


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