I Am Still Here: Trials Turned into Transformation

We are delighted to announce the publication of I Am Still Here: Trials Turned into Transformation – a book relating the inspirational personal stories of 14 authors, including our very own Brendah Ndebele.

As indicated by the title, each of the book’s contributors has fought their way through serious problems, only to emerge stronger, wiser and fuelled by a desire to use their experience to help others facing similar tribulations.

This unique book is available on Amazon for just 99 pence! Don’t miss this amazing bargain – get your copy today.


The full press release for the book is below:


Unbelievable Transformations of 14 Individuals Who Courageously Conquered Their Life Challenges in Newly Released Bestseller!


London 11-12-2018 — As a joint venture with the amazing Brendah Ndebele and 13 other authors, Debbi Dachinger has now compiled a dynamic book, I Am Still Here: Trials Turned into Transformation. This is a book lover’s collection of real inspirational stories from Dachinger and her 13 CoAuthors and is an incredible wellspring for readers who may be facing some life challenges and are looking for a source of inspiration, support and encouragement.

I Am Still Here is an important new book that shows readers how to successfully navigate their way through their life challenges, so they can encourage, inspire and influence others to realize and embrace the fact that there are solutions to their problems, no matter how gigantic they seem.

“This book will inspire you to keep going and create a knowing that another dawn will come.”

Brian Smith, UGG Founder

This treasure trove is bursting with priceless advice and knowledge from people who were broken and persevered and overcame barriers and used their ingenuity in order to find success in their lives. Taking the readers to a sacred and personal space, each of the experts in this book offers advice that is extremely intimate and exclusive. Throughout the years, these people have used their own hardships and experiences as a receptacle for inspiration and empowerment.

I Am Still Here is a plethora of examples to help readers find power and inspiration within themselves. Only by experiencing their own unique journey, can one truly live a fulfilling life. All insights and advice in this collection of inspirational stories will ultimately help the readers in facing personal/professional challenges with courage and resilience.

I am a Holistic Health & Wellness Coach. I work with Ambitious Successful Entrepreneurs to help them Rejuvenate, Double Energy, address the impact of Burnout, Obesity & Type 2 Diabetes.

Brendah Ndebele is available for interviews.

Today only £0.99!

Book available on Amazon UK.

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