Four Ways to Stay Hydrated Over the Holidays

Four Ways to Stay Hydrated Over the Holidays


Keeping track and controlling your liquids is a common area people often forget about during the holidays. You can easily over-consume liquid calories or consume too many alcoholic drinks, leading to dehydration or water retention. In fact, much of the weight gain many people experience during the holidays is due to water retention. Thankfully, you can do many things to stay hydrated and still enjoy the many activities, drinks, or foods the holidays bring.


The following are 4 tips for staying hydrated during the holidays to avoid unwanted stress and weight gain:


Track Your Water Consumption Through Smart Phone Application

Applications such as the Daily Water Tracker Reminder and WaterMinder, available for both Android and iOS devices, are designed to make it easier to track your water intake. They send you daily reminders based on your own goals and weight to ensure you get the right amount of hydration. A little reminder may be all you need to stay on track.


Bring Your Own Bottle and Water

If unsure what will be available to drink at any location you will be at during the holidays, it is important to bring your own. In fact, in this new COVID-19 world, it recommended that you carry your own water if going outside your home, in order to reduce the risk of infection. Having your own water bottle can even remind you to drink more or limit other beverages while you are away from the home. In addition, planning ahead by bringing your own water means you can ditch any excuses that are constantly made by not having resources on hand.

Pair Water with Every Drink or Sweet Treat

Water can fill you up and counteract any harsh ingredients in many holiday treats and dishes, such as large amounts of sugar, salt, and fat. Starting with and ending with water gives your body the extra push it needs to filter it properly. Unfortunately, this means you will likely need to consume more water during the holidays to keep up.


Have More Water Instead of Seconds

Instead of going for more food, reach for water. As previously stated, water can also fill you up. Also, people can easily mistake hunger signs for needing water. Filling up on water first ensures you are adequately hydrated and hungry before you reach for more.

Keeping track of your water intake is a simple way to ensure you stay hydrated and prevent dehydration or water retention over the holidays. In addition, many alcoholic drinks and foods consumed over the holidays make consuming more water essential this time of year.


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