Four Facts on Holiday Weight Gain

Four Important Facts to Understand About Holiday Weight Gain

To keep you healthy during the holidays, it is important to learn some facts regarding weight gain. There are many misconceptions that can counteract your results. Research and statistics point to many consistent facts that can help you improve your chances of success during the holidays.


The following 4 facts are important to learn about holiday weight gain to stay healthy this year:


Obesity Makes it More Likely for You to Gain Weight

If you have a higher-than-normal BMI, you are more likely to gain weight during the holidays than those who have a normal to average one. However, it still won’t be the five to ten pounds many people stress over. Research indicates that you are not likely to gain any more than three pounds and less, the thinner you are before the season ends.


Most Holiday Weight Gain is a Result of Fluid Retention

This means being more mindful of the liquids you drink or don’t drink is vital to maintaining your weight. A one-to-three-pound weight gain can easily be a culprit of fluid retention caused by increased carbohydrates, sugar, and alcoholic drinks. If you increase consumption of these foods, you need to increase your water intake to counteract the effects.


Stress and Anxiety Due to The Holidays Can Lead to Poor Decisions

Buying gifts, visiting family, and trying to incorporate different activities into your schedule during the holidays can be stressful. When you have increased cortisol levels in your brain, it is nearly impossible to maintain focus, making the wrong choices. Beyond that, the symptoms of stress can result in weight gain too. Meaning lowering your responsibilities, expectations and understanding your triggers are important things to plan and learn to combat your stress during the holidays.


It Takes About Five Months to Lose Weight Gained Over the Holidays

Lastly, but certainly not least. Even though it is common only to gain about half to three pounds over the holidays, that doesn’t mean you will be able to lose it in January. While it doesn’t feel like it at the moment, making good food choices during the last 4 or even 2 months of the year is a lot easier than trying to fight off the weight for another 5 months in the new year.

As you can see, while it is important to stay mindful during the holidays, it is not completely accurate to stress about holiday weight gain. This is because you are unlikely to gain ten pounds the first year. However, five to ten years down the road can be different, which is why it is still important to practice portion control and limit indulging too many times. While these facts are important and allow you to stress less, taking weight off is way harder than adding it on.




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