How to Stay Active During the Holidays

How to Stay Active During the Holidays

How to Stay Active During the Holidays!!! is a good question. There is no secret that many people ignore physical activity during the holidays and consume more food. Sweet treats, decadent holiday favourites, and winter weather prevent many people from staying active. However, these factors can easily contribute to unwanted weight gain after the holidays are over. The fact is, if you don’t output more than you input or eat, then you won’t be able to avoid the average holiday weight gain. Staying active is key to maintaining your weight or even losing some if you watch your calories.


Here are 5 effective tips for how to stay active during holidays

Prioritise Your Health First

Your health must be top of the priority list, even during the holidays. Don’t let this busy season get in the way of your health. If certain expectations consistently affect your willpower or keep you unhealthy, then eliminate them. Establishing proper boundaries during and after the holidays is healthy and ensures you do what you need to stay that way.


Stick to Your Normal Routine

Changing your routine during the holidays can have a negative impact on all the activities you do throughout the day. This can prevent you from getting enough sleep and doing your normal activities which then leads you to making bad choices. Try your best to keep meals and bedtimes the same, even if that means you have to leave certain events early.


Be Prepared and Plan Ahead

Make a list of what is expected of you and what you want to do during the holidays. Then plan your physical activities around that. Even if it requires a little change of a normal routine blocking out your time prevents you from doing other things. So instead of being available to eat out at restaurants every day with your family, for example, you know making it to the gym is important and can be scheduled around your plans.


Be Aware of Opportunities

In other words, don’t limit yourself to the gym. There are many opportunities throughout your day you can take advantage of to get in more physical exercise. For example, when shopping, park far away and take the stairs whenever possible. Isometric exercises are also ones you can do anywhere you are. It simply involves holding on or exerting tension near a certain area, such as your stomach muscles.


Ditch Perfection and Make it Fun

The all-or-nothing mindset can only keep you behind. You don’t need to be perfect, and you won’t be during the holidays. That is okay. Learn to accept it now in order to clear your mind and reduce stress so that you can create a better plan.

Staying active during the holidays does not need to be difficult. It can be just as easy to incorporate as at any other time of the year. Ditch perfection and plan ahead to ensure all your holiday activities and meals fit your schedule. The more you stick to your normal routine, the more likely you will stay active and avoid holiday weight gain.



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