Are You Living Your Best Life?

From Oprah to Cardi B, there are books, songs, articles and entire websites dedicated to telling you how to “Live Your Best Life”, so are you doing it? Or does it feel like there is a secret formula for achieving this coveted #livingmybestlife status that everyone else seems to have mastered and left you behind?

How do you turn real life, with its responsibilities and stresses, into one that cares for your mental and physical health and aligns with your purpose and passions?

  1. Do it for you

The only way to live your best life is to do it for yourself. What makes you happy? Who do you want to be when you get up each morning? Even if no one saw a single thing you did all day, would you be happy with how you lived that day?

  1. Be Intentional

Once you’ve decided to live a life focusing on what makes you feel good, deliberately set your intentions to carry out those actions. If social media makes you feel low, and playing with your dog makes you feel great, adjust your plans for the day to include more animal time and less phone time.

This works for things you have to do as well. If you need to get a project completed for work, set your intention to work with focus, drive and enthusiasm for one hour on it, then take a short break and do something that boosts your energy. Repeat as necessary.

  1. Be Mindful

One of the key components of living your best life is actually feeling it rather than just living it. Take time at least once an hour to check in with yourself, your emotions, and your body to see how you are really feeling. What have you been overlooking while your mind has been focused elsewhere?  By bringing your attention back to yourself and the present moment regularly, you are more likely to feel the day rather than just living it.

  1. Build Connections

The core of the human experience is the meaningful connections we make with other people, so take time each day to devote a little energy towards nurturing them.

Living your “Best Life” isn’t about having an Instagram-worthy existence. It’s about living out your values each day in a way that makes you feel fulfilled. Focus on your own health and well-being, make connections that feel good, and take time to be present and feel each day. That sounds like an amazing life to me.

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