Five Myths to Holiday Weight Gain to Know About

There are many myths surrounding weight gain during the holidays that are important to understand in order to stay healthy and focused. You want to avoid getting hyper-focused and worried about something during the holidays that doesn’t actually affect your weight or health.

Here are 5 myths to learn in order to maintain your weight during the holidays:

You’ll Lose the Weight Fast

Actually, even if you only gain a little, it can take roughly five months or longer to lose the weight. If you never lose weight over time, this can become a significant weight gain. Therefore, it is vital

to make the festive season/holidays an important time to be more mindful no matter how many temptations.

Holiday Weight Gain is Due to Inactivity

Most holiday weight gain is due to water retention. This is likely due to the increased consumption of salt, alcohol, and sugar. Meaning you need to consume more water during this time than you normally would if you indulge a little. Drinking enough fresh filtered water (add some lemon if you like) can help flush out the sugar and sodium your body is trying to hold onto from your holiday diet.

It’s Common to Gain Ten Pounds or Go Up a Full Size

Thankfully, this one is another important myth. Even if you were to lose control completely, it is unlikely you will gain that much. On average, people who are of average weight gain about a pound and a half. While those who are overweight already will gain roughly two to three pounds. While still small, it can add up over time as it is much harder to lose weight than to gain it.

Skipping Meals or Saving Calories Works

Saving calories can lead to overindulging during the holidays. The best strategy is to incorporate intermittent fasting instead. While technically skipping breakfast, you are still not limiting your food as you would strictly skipping meals. Instead, it gives you a short window of time to eat while you are hungry to improve your digestion and promote weight loss or maintenance. This way, you are not limiting yourself completely and can better control your cravings and portion sizes during the holidays.

Weight Gain is Inevitable During the Holidays

This is another myth that is only true if you don’t do the work required. You can still enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your health or avoiding your favourite treats. It just requires planning, mindfulness, and understanding that moderation is THE key.

As you can see, holiday weight gain is ultimately not that scary or difficult. However, it always is important to be prepared and not overdo it, in order to live a more sustainable and happier life. Your health is important now and should never be sacrificed for future results.

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