Four Easy Ways to Avoid Excess Sugar Over the Holidays

Four Easy Ways to Avoid Excess Sugar Over the Holidays


With the holidays around, that means excess sugar is too. Avoiding temptations is harder than ever during this time of year as sweet treats appear just about anywhere you look or go. However, just because treats exist doesn’t mean that you need to participate the entire time. The more you give in to the sugary temptations, the harder it will be to avoid gaining weight and lose it later. In fact, you can sabotage your mental health along the process too.


Here are 4 easy ways to avoid consuming too much sugar over the holidays:


Choose Fruit Instead

Natural sugars are healthy for you and lower in calories. They don’t have the added unhealthy fats either. If you stick to only fresh fruits and avoid processed sugars, you can almost eat as much as you want without regret or consequences. Fruit salads with honey or simple platters with fresh cream are just a couple of delicious yet simple and festive ideas to try.


Drink Only Water

Don’t drink your calories. This is the fastest way to consume sugar and gain weight without realising it. The best way to do this is to strive for water only. The more sugar and alcoholic drinks you consume, the more likely you will go over your calories. Therefore, you need to consume extra water to filter the excess sugar through and out the body.

Limit Don’t Restrict

Don’t skip the sweet treats or favourite meals; instead, control your portion and pick your favourites. For example, instead of tasting every pie or chocolate, you can select your favourite one instead. Then consume half the normal portion and remember you can always have more tomorrow.

Bring or Make Your Own Sweets

The best way to prevent excess sugar is to bring and make your own treats. This way, you can control the amount or type of sugar you use. You can make many sweet treats that don’t involve traditional granulated sugar, too, like a baked apple or mixed fruit date bar. Sweet potato casseroles can do without the extra toppings and be simply served baked with real butter. Avocado can be turned into a delicious chocolate pie for a perfectly balanced holiday sweet treat.

Avoid giving into all the sugary treats, drinks, and dishes this holiday season with these tips. Consuming sugar in high quantities leads to weight gain, heart disease, and speeding up aging. This is why it is crucial to enjoy your favourites occasionally and learn to make your own or swap them for healthier alternatives.

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