Holiday Drinking Tips for Better Health

Holiday Drinking Tips for Better Health


Did you know that alcohol consumption nearly doubles during the holidays? On average, Americans consume about four drinks every week, which moves up to eight during the holidays. I bet Brits are not far behind or are probably in the same league. So, each drink you consume is an extra one-hundred or more calories.

Meaning eight alcoholic drinks a week is another eight hundred or more extra calories being consumed that can easily contribute to gaining weight during the holidays. Not only that, it’s scientifically known to slow down your metabolism, as alcohol can have a major impact on how your body burns fat. However, there are many things you can do to control it still to enjoy drinking during the holidays without the weight gain.


The following are 6 drinking strategies to try to avoid holiday weight gain:


Start and End with Water

For every alcoholic drink, you consume chase it with water. Water will counteract the negative side effects of drinking alcohol, such as dehydration. Thus, preventing you from retaining water weight or feeling ill while enjoying the holidays. In addition, starting and ending with water will prevent you from drinking too much as you continue to fill up on liquids.


Watch Out for Creams, Eggnogs, and Drink Mixes

Limit these favourite holiday drinks to just one every event or avoid them as much as possible. These are the ones that can contribute the most to weight gain and fatty liver disease.

Choose Lower Calorie Drinks

Find the drinks you enjoy that are lower in calories and fat. White wine, vodka, and soda or tequila with lime are a few low-calorie options to try.

Sip Slower and Savor the Flavour

Choose drinks you actually enjoy drinking to slow down and taste what you are drinking. Don’t go for the shots or beverages that were made to chug. You want to enjoy it, which requires slowing down and picking the right drinks. If you don’t like the flavour, then there is no point in drinking it.

Slowing down gives your body time to process the alcohol. Alcohol slows your metabolism because it can take your liver a minimum of sixty minutes to process it. If you consume too many drinks before the first one is processed, you’ll only continue to ruin it & increase your potential to gain more weight.

Set a Limit and Cut Off Time

In the end, you must learn to cut yourself off. Being mindful is crucial, especially if you know this is the area that tests your willpower. Before you attend the event or purchase the alcohol, give yourself a number and time, then follow it. Remember you can always enjoy more later.

Overall, being more mindful of your drinking during the holidays is a must if you want to avoid weight gain. If you already drink even a little during the year, you have an increased potential to gain weight from alcohol. However, with these tips, you can ensure you maintain a healthier mindset and alcohol consumption to control your weight and health better this holiday season.

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