Avoid Holiday Weight Gain by Saying “No” More Often

how to deal with holiday weight gain by Saying “No” More Often


How to deal with holiday weight gain!!There is a powerful, difficult, yet also simple way deal with holiday weight gain or avoid Holiday Weight Gain . It includes simply saying “no” more often. No to certain foods, events or actions. While it is simple to understand, it can be difficult to execute as many temptations can feel quite powerful in the moment.

However, the more you say no, the more likely you are to be successful. There is no magical solution to avoid holiday weight gain. It is up to you and your ability to say no more often. With the right tools and resources, you can accomplish this. The more you practice saying no,

the easier it will become and the more likely you are to continue to benefit from your new healthy habits.


Tips to how to deal with holiday weight gain say “no” more this holiday to maintain a healthy life:

Understand and Write Down Why

First, understand why you want to say no in the first place. Then write it down, so you have a better time remembering it. This way, when temptations do arise, you are instantly reminded why it’s worth saying no to.

Rephrase “I Can’t Have.”

Instead of saying “I can’t have chocolate,” say “I don’t eat chocolate” or “I don’t eat chocolate during the holidays.” The change in perspective can make a powerful impact on your decision to say no. When you position it with “I can’t,” it provides a feeling of limitation and makes you feel like you are no longer in control. When you decide not to have something, you don’t feel limited, and it becomes easier to say no.

Visualise the Outcome

What will happen if you give in to your temptation? How will you feel? Will you feel proud that you gave in? That is unlikely. Realising and understating that there are consequences to your actions makes it easier to avoid them altogether.

Try This for That Method

In other words, choose a healthier alternative to your temptation. Instead of sweet potato casserole, opt for a baked sweet potato, for example. Simple swaps can make it easy to handle many temptations. This method could also be used to choose your unhealthy sweets or dishes more wisely.

For example, “I will have a slice of sweet potato pie for dessert instead of that sweet potato casserole during dinner.” The idea is to limit the number of servings you have each meal to offset each other during the day. This way, you are mindful of your servings during dinner and still have room or enough calories left over for the day to consume dessert.

Saying no is powerful to learn and master before the holiday season. With these tips, it can be easy to excuse too. Simply using “no” more often can keep the pounds away this holiday.

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